The health insurance industry is changing at an unprecedented rate. With the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Brokers are spending an extreme amount of time educating their clients. Along with other factors, this is forcing Brokers to become consultants. As if this is not enough, there are also worries as larger firms acquire clients by swallowing up smaller brokerages. As a Broker, how do you not only survive, but flourish in this volatile marketplace?

Differentiate yourself. Employers are looking for ways to control cost. Do you have a solution that can meet client needs but also support your business goals?

Are you tired of bringing out a renewal that you have no control over? Let us help you Identify, Manage and Mitigate risk with our comprehensive risk platform.

Community rating is moving up to employers under 100, and small companies are looking at moving out of the fully funded marketplace as they face getting stuck with the ACA penalty fees, community rating and taxes. If you do not know your client’s unidentified medical risks, how do you know if a different funding structure could be the right move?

Health 180® gives you the tools to understand what funding mechanism is right for each of your clients. It is a comprehensive solution to identify risk*, manage claim spend and mitigate risk — unlike anything the industry has seen before.

No more Monday morning quarterbacking. In the past you’ve had to focus on sharing what a client spent last year, and what funding options and plan design they should have had. What if you had a game plan that would allow you to be coaching your client prior to the big game? Now you do. Learn How.