It’s Time To Reinvent Your Approach to Healthcare Benefits!

The status quo is unsustainable, and now you can take back control. With Health 180®, you can literally see into the future and use that insight to initiate forward-looking solutions, reversing your organization’s healthcare cost trends. Whether your company is fully insured, self-funded or part of a medical insurance captive, together we can change the way you think about managing your healthcare benefits.

Here’s how:

Early Detection through Advanced Biometric Screening

Early Detection through Advanced Biometric Screening that can identify a wide variety of conditions by combining 49 unique tests from a single blood draw. These tests have been selected to offer insights on current and future health conditions.

Predictive Modeling

Predictive Modeling forecasts future risk using your group’s Claims Data along with individual level Advanced Biometric Screening & Health Assessment results.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement and compliance with prevention and condition management is improved through a series of 1:1 coaching sessions along with a personal Electronic Engagement Platform.

Review of Funding Structures

Review of Funding Structures to determine if Fully-funded, Self-Funded or a Medical Captive is the right fit for you. Knowing your insurance risk opens up options that could put even more control back in your hands.

The Path To Better Results with Health 180®

Many companies put themselves at a disadvantage by limiting their insurance solutions to options developed for the mass market. To help you break away from the mass market, Health 180® has developed innovative solutions to:

  • Enable companies to identify corporate level healthcare risks and opportunities using data-driven strategies.
  • Engage individuals to understand their own health status and provide them with support resources for prevention and condition management.
  • Step 1


    Health 180® uses advanced analytical tools and predictive modeling to identify current and future health risks. We integrate existing medical and prescription drug claims data with results from our 49-point Advanced Biometric Screening and personal Health Assessment to create action plans at the company and individual levels.

  • Step 2


    Individual-level data from step 1 is used to segment participants into risk tiers to provide aggregate data about current health status. At the same time, each individual is assigned a confidential GL Health Level score, 1-5. The top risk levels, 4 and 5, represent the most immediate need for support and engagement.

  • Step 3 - A


    We create a more complete data set by analyzing biometric screening and health assessment results in addition to historical claims. The result is an aggregate view of existing diagnoses, previously unidentified conditions and gaps in preventive or condition management care.

  • Step 3 - B


    Certified Nurses and Health Coaches provide customized, confidential 1:1 support. Coaches are trained in the Intrinsic method and use proven clinical protocols to guide each person in their journey toward better health. All plan participants receive 3 engagement calls about their biometrics, health assessment and preventive care. However, they have unlimited access to their coach and an Electronic Engagement Platform. The Platform offers a centralized location for personal records and self-service tools like Health Grades, Symptom Checker and more.

  • Step 4


    Reporting of actual versus projected claims occurs throughout the year, followed by a year-end outcome report. The report shows actual versus projected claims by risk segment, as well as progress toward objectives based on participants’ level of engagement – Eligible, Aware, Engaged and Active.

Collective Returns
Trends after year two offer additional insight into segments where we see positive momentum as well as where we need to focus to further improve their GL Health Level score. The right incentives will drive continued reductions of high claims and improved returns.

Learn more about Health 180®’s Intelligent Modeling System, the most advanced predictive modeling approach available. This system gives you the most accurate forecast possible.